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Thank you for choosing the finest styling irons money can buy. For the last eight years, I have used every type of iron out there, and I know from real world experience what a styling iron should do. The FHI line of irons is without a doubt the best line of ceramic irons that I have ever worked with. The technology, refinement, engineering, quality control, and research and development put into these irons allow them to stand alone at the top of the iron market.

Before the FHI irons, I damaged plenty of heads of hair. In my defense, it was not my fault; this level of technology just did not exist. I need an iron that can straighten, curl, crimp, flip and twist, while simultaneously conditioning and providing shine and elasticity to the hair. These irons do all this, and even repel humidity, protect color and retard color fading.

The best feature is the fact that I can use any of variable models (RVI) on damp hair and dry it while styling; this works even faster with the Limited Edition (LE). When this technique is done correctly, it can save time, increase shine, and most importantly it is HEALTHY for the hair! I have taken clients with very brittle, chemically stressed hair, and repaired their hair right before their eyes. It takes about 60-90 days to see the long-term benefits that the negative ions have on the hair. From my experience, you will see the short-term benefits with just one application. In cases of severely damaged hair, it may take a little longer to see the positive long-term effects. I can confidently say that regular use of any of the FHI irons will significantly improve hair quality and condition!



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